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Before becoming the President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma had established The Jacob Zuma Reconstruction and Development Programme (RDP) Educational Trust, as a result of his recognition and personal deep concern for the plight of the poor, particularly people in under developed rural areas. The trust enables children, whose poverty prevents their education, to attend school and have the opportunity to obtain a tertiary qualification.

Over the decades, Jacob Zuma has maintained his accessibility to people in need and in recognition of ongoing requests to alleviate the suffering of the poor, his vision for The Jacob Zuma Foundation was realised in 2008. Inspiration for the Foundation draws from the Patron’s experience of engaging with impoverished communities, especially in rural settings. It borrows on the Patron’s appreciation of the human spirit’s endeavour to rise above various barriers for personal excellence, with support

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” We value and appreciate our partnerships with corporate, grant-making trusts, caring individuals and organisations, whose aspirations complement our vision. Together we can substantially alleviate the suffering of our poor, particularly, the rural poor. ”
Former President Jacob G Zuma

Our Focus Area


The Patron himself is recognised and respected as an icon of development...


During his 10 years on Robben Island, Jacob Zuma played soccer and was Captain...


My Shelter was developed in order to respond to immediate and acute case...


Since its inception, the JZF has recorded successes and achievements...


These are solution responses to a plethora of livelihood challenges...

” Nothing gives me greater fulfilment than the joy expressed by an impoverished family, whose honour and dignity in society has been restored, albeit to an extent. ”
Dudu Myeni