Frequently Asked Question

All applications need to be done in writing to the JZF. Applications need to be submitted either by fax or post and must be accompanied by supporting documentation eg all results, ID, proof of circumstances. In other words, anything which can motivate and strengthen your case.

The JZF does not have application forms and all applications need to be submitted in writing.

It is the preference of the JZF to use on-campus accommodation for the students. However, the JZF is aware of the shortage of on-campus accommodation and will in certain circumstances, fund off-campus accommodation. This, however, is dependent on various criteria and limited funding. The student needs to apply in writing.

The JZF’s Mission is to provide basic support and help develop the full productive and economic potential amongst targeted beneficiaries. The main focus is to advance poor, rural communities in as a broad spectrum as it can. This focus tends to be on education at the moment, but also encompasses matters such as housing, sport and other discretionary and ad-hoc projects.

Beneficiaries are selected through a verification process. Should the beneficiary apply for housing, a member of the JZF will go to evaluate the situation and verify that the circumstances are as the applicant has stated. Insofar as students are concerned, the applicants are required to submit proof of their circumstances.

Funding is obtained through various corporates and private individuals. Due to the high demand for assistance, the JZF does, on the odd occasion, have very limited financial resources. Fundraisers are then held where appeals are made to corporates and individuals for funding. The JZF is audited by Price, Waterhouse and Coopers and has obtained clean audits since inception.

The JZF has beneficiaries in all Provinces around South Africa. Funding is limited to local students and we are not in a position to fund any international students.

Bursaries are offered to anyone who wishes to study at a tertiary institution. The student must therefore qualify and be able to register at the tertiary institution which he/she has chosen.

The JZF has built a number of homes for families. These families are in a desperate need for a home, the desperation brought about by various circumstances. These range from natural disasters, eg their home being struck by lightning; to families living in unbearable conditions because of poverty. The JZF team always goes out and does verifications checks on the applicants and, should finances be in order, then homes are built.

The JZF is an NPO and therefore not in a position to assist other NGO’s. Consideration is however given to the forming of a partnership with other NPO’s or NGO’s who are aligned with the Vision and Mission of the JZF.

The JZF believes that a student should study something which he/she is passionate about as this will give them the opportunity to do well and excel. Therefore there is no exclusions on subjects, provided it from a recognized institution.

Due to financial restraints, the JZF does support bursaries at private institutions.